Travel credit: compare the price of flights to prevent them from taking off!

Are you planning to go to Canada this fall to see all the colors? Sunbathing in Thailand this winter or seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan in the spring ?

You will certainly not be walking into these distant lands and comparing ticket prices is essential.

To avoid paying too much for air tickets, the prices of which often take off when approaching departure, the website draws up the ranking of the best flight comparators. To finance this great project, consider travel credit. And compare financing offers to get the best rate for your personal loan.

Top 3 sites to compare flights

Top 3 sites to compare flights

To choose between the different flight comparators, it’s simple. is based on “the features they offer, their reliability, customer reviews, etc.” and rated them out of 5.

The best are therefore:

  • 1) Liligo (5/5),

  • 2) Easyvols (4.8 / 5),

  • 3) Hellotrip (4.6 / 5).

But there are many others such as Kayak or Opodo. To make your choice, do not hesitate to take the time to compare but also to read the general conditions of the site.

Editing Tips

So the editorial staff’s advice is to check the opinions before booking your ticket online. Indeed, the comparator will redirect you to travel agencies or companies offering the cheapest prices whose quality of service or price are not always guaranteed.

For your flight, you can also take out cancellation insurance which will cover on average 85% of the ticket price in the event of cancellation. Again, the reading of the clauses remains essential.

The right plan in case of a glitch

The  site allows you to be compensated in the event of flight cancellation, delay, overbooking, etc. You can receive up to 600 USD compensation for your flight.

To benefit from this service, you must file a complaint online and send your supporting documents. The advisers will then take care of defending your interests. The site receives remuneration in the event of success up to 30% of the compensation received.

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